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  1. Facility Rental Form

    This form is used for those who would like to rent a City Facility for a specific date and time frame.

  2. Utility Billing Move In/Out

    Utility Billing Move In/Out Form

  1. Inclusive Playground Task Force Application

    If you are interested in participating in the City of Waconia's task force for the future Inclusive Playground project, please fill out... More…

  2. Utility Billing VCH Login Request

    Request a login for Utility Billing VCH

Events & Rentals

  1. Application for Block Party Permit

    This application is for residents that wish to hold a block party in their neighborhood. The City will review and authorize street... More…

  2. City of Waconia Photo Contest
  1. Borrowed Equipment Agreement
  2. Monument Sign Request Form

    This is a request form for the Olive Street Monument Sign. The sign is available to groups or organizations in the community sponsoring... More…