Council Meeting Visitor's Presentations

Interested in speaking at a City Council Meeting? 

Agendas for the City Council meeting are posted to the website, at the latest, the Friday prior to the meeting. If you are interested in speaking at a meeting in regards to an agenda item, there will be “Request to Speak” cards available at each meeting. These cards will be on blue printer paper and available immediately to your left when you walk into the Council Chambers. Please try to arrive early to fill out the card. City staff will be available to assist you. 

Once completed, you will turn your card in to a City staff member, who will give the cards to the Mayor prior to the meeting. The Mayor will call you to the podium to address the City Council at the appropriate time. You will be asked to state your name and address for the record,  and to discuss your topic of interest. Please be sure to direct your comments to the Mayor and Council and note that your comments may be limited to three minutes. Additionally, please note that although the City Council does not take specific action on Visitor’s Presentation topics, they will hear the topic and then may:

  • Respond
  • Have the item placed on a future agenda for action
  • Refer the item to a City Board, Commission, or Committee
  • Refer the item to City Staff for study or conclusion

For more information, or to see a version of the “Request to Speak” card, please click here