City of Waconia Photography Contest

About the Contest

The City of Waconia is sponsoring a Citywide photography contest during the fall of 2018. Throughout the contest period, residents will have the opportunity to submit photos taken within the last year to City Hall. Winning photos will be featured on the City's website, as well as social media. 

Contest Rules

  • The contest is open to both amateur and professional photographers who live in Waconia. Entries must be submitted by the original photographer.
  • Limit three entries per person.
  • City employees and their families are not eligible to participate.
  • By submitting photos, you agree to the terms of the city's Photographer Consent Form.
  • For photos with recognizable people, it is the responsibility of the photographer to obtain permission to use the person's image by having the individual sign the Photo Contest Model Release Form.
  • All entries became the property of the City of Waconia and may be used in any city material.
  • All entries are due no later than October 19, 2018

How to Submit Your Photos

Online Submittal

The easiest way to submit your photos is online via the online submit portal. From here, you'll be able to upload your photos, along with the Photographer Consent Form and the Photo Contest Model Release Form (if applicable) directly to the City.  

Email Submittal

Additionally, you can email your photos to All photos must be submitted with the Photographer Consent Form and the Photo Contest Model Release Form. Forms that are submitted via email and not through the online portal also need the Photo Submission Form attached. 

In-Person or via Mail Submittal

Photos can also be submitted in person or via mail via a flash drive or CD. If you are going this route, please ensure that only the photos being submitted are on the flash drive or CD. If you are submitting in person or via mail you must include the Photographer Consent Form and the Photo Submission Form. If you have recognizable people in your photos, the Photo Contest Model Release form also must be submitted. 

Types of Photos

We are looking for a wide variety of photos, including:

  • People & Activities
  • Parks (if possible, parks with activities going on)
  • Landscapes and Cityscapes
  • Culture & Art
  • Nature & Animals 

Photo Requirements

  • Photos must be digital
  • Images should be at least 2200 pixels wide or 1 MB in size
  • Non-manipulated imagery will yield the best results (no Photoshop effects or cropping)
  • File types should be JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PNG (GIF format is not recommended)
  • Resoltion should be 72 DPI or higher
  • Color Mode should be RGB or CMYK

Helpful Hints

  • Good images have an area of interest, include simple shapes, and create an impression or elicit emotion
  • We would love to receive photos from all four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Upload Your Photos Here

City Hall Building
Lakeside view in the city
Cedar Point Park - 1