2040 Comprehensive Plan


The Comprehensive Planning Process

The City of Waconia, like all municipalities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, is required by the Metropolitan Land Use Planning Act to prepare a Comprehensive Plan and land use controls that are consistent with planned, orderly and staged development, Metropolitan System Plans and the Regional Blueprint.

The City of Waconia’s Comprehensive Plan is composed of 8 different sections which are available for review by clicking each of the sections separately below. You can also view the full plan in its entirety by clicking here (LINK - PDF 2040 Comprehensive Plan).

City of Waconia’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Approved by the Metropolitan Council on January 22, 2020.

Approved by the Waconia City Council on February 3, 2020.
Click on the links below to view the various chapters of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. 

Chapter 1: Waconia Introduction and Summary

Chapter 2: Waconia Community Profile

Chapter 3: Waconia Land Use Analysis and Plan

Chapter 4: Waconia Transportation Plan

Chapter 5: Waconia Parks Analysis and Plan

Chapter 6: Water Resources Analysis and Plan

Chapter 7: Waconia Housing Analysis and Plan

Chapter 8: Waconia Plan Implementation

2040 Comprehensive Plan Appendixes 

Appendix 4-A: 2018 Waconia CIP

Appendix 4-B: County and MnDOT Access Management Guidelines

Appendix 6-A: Waconia Sewer Ordinances - Chapter 403

Appendix 6-B: Waconia Sewer Ordinances - Chapter 404

Appendix 6-C: Waconia Surface Water Management Plan

Appendix 6-D: Waconia Water Supply Plan - 2017

Questions or Comments?

 All comments and questions can be sent to Lane Braaten, Community Development Director (952-442-3106).