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The City of Waconia City Council recently awarded the 2021 Infrastructure Improvement Project to GMH Asphalt.  The programmed improvement will span the summer and occur in multiple areas of the community.  Below are a listing of the improvements projects.

  1. Boulder Wall Replacement Project; CIP Project 613  The project location is near the Interlaken Development Underpass near Stonegate and Interlaken Woods Developments and includes removal of a failing boulder wall and replacing it with a Modular Large Block Wall , improved drainage to support the wall construction.  As a result of the improvements some of the existing bituminous trail system will be replaced.
  2. Turf Parking Lot Project; CIP Project 595  The project location is near Bayview Elementary off of Waconia Parkway North.  As part of our 2019 Improvement Project the City was required to conduct additional water quality improvements near the Parkway. The proposed turf parking lot will allow for storage and infiltration of rain water before entering the City’s Storm Water Conveyance system and entry of Burandt Lake.
  3. Hunters Crossing Pond Filter Bench Project; CIP Project 617  The project location is north of Waconia Parkway South and in between Farmline Road and Countryside Road.  The improvement is a water quality requirement of the Municipal Infrastructure Improvements complete in 2020 on Walnut and Third Streets in the Downtown Area.  The City will maintain a Water Quality Credit Bank by completing the filter bench improvements.  These credits will be utilized for future infrastructure improvements until the bank is at zero credits.
  4. Street Overlay, Sidewalk, Drainage and ADA Improvement Project; CIP Project 127   The improvements are planned for Sparrow Road between Oak Avenue from the west to the Waterford Addition Development line to the east.  As listed the street surface will be milled and overlaid with new asphalt, all sidewalk and driveway approached on the sidewalk side will be modified to meet ADA standards and the sidewalk width will be expanded to meet the City Standards of Six-Feet.  The Drainage improvements will consist of improving curb side drainage for multiple areas on each side of the roadways a where applicable.

Residents in the Sparrow Road Street Overlay area will experience some delays in traffic due to the storm water improvements, access to the driveway side of the sidewalk improvements during the removal, replacement and curing times of the concrete.   Individual Homeowner’s will receive notification of these improvements and time frames.  At the point where the Sparrow Road is being resurfaced local traffic will be difficult and we intend to complete some form of roadway closure to complete the surfacing improvement. Once again, advance notification of this work will occur.

Residents can find two pdf documents with this Project Information;  First, is the Project Schedule provided by the Contractor.   Please keep in mind the schedule is weather dependent and may be altered as such.  Second, is and overview of the soft and hard closures regarding access to Sparrow Road.

Project Attachments:

If you are looking for further project information, Please, contact the following individuals:

City Contact, Project Information:

Craig Eldred, Public Services Director

(952) 442-4265 or email

Robert Porter

(612) 756-4312 or email