2030 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Waconia, like all municipalities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, is required by the Metropolitan Land Use Planning Act to prepare a Comprehensive Plan and land use controls that are consistent with planned, orderly and staged development, Metropolitan System Plans and the Regional Blueprint.

The City of Waconia's Comprehensive Plan is composed of 8 different sections which are available for review by clicking each of the sections separately below. Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are included in each of these sections as well. For details and background history on each of the amendments, refer to the Amendments section below.

2030 Comprehensive Plan

Questions and comments can be directed to the Planning Department at 952-442-2184.

2030 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Amendments to the 2030 Comprehensive Plan are included within the text of the 8 sections above. Details and background information regarding the amendments are listed below in chronological order. Click on the amendment below to review the current and proposed / post application changes for each of the amendments. You can also review the staff report, City Council resolution, and correspondence from the Metropolitan Council as it relates to each of the Amendments.