Hot Topics - Residential Sewer Override!

October 2018

Winter Months

During November—April (winter months), the sewer line item on your water bill will match your water consumption, because the winter months are based on actual water use.  This is because during the winter months, all the water consumed is usually being used indoors, therefore going down the  sewer drain.

Summer Months

During May-October (summer months), the sewer is based off of the average usage from the previous winter months. We calculate the monthly average and that is the cap we use for the sewer charge each month.  The reason behind this sewer override is because most people’s indoor water use habits do not change much between winter and summer, however the water use outdoors does increase due to lawn irrigation, plant watering, washing cars & filling pools. This water ends up being absorbed, evaporating or going down the storm water drains.

  • The water meters will be read on October 22nd
  • All water use after October 22nd will be reflected on the November bill
  • The November bill will not have the sewer override
  • Any outdoor use after the October 22nd meter read date will effect your summer ‘19 sewer override amount

Sewer vs. Storm Water Drains

  • When water leaves your home by going down a toilet, sink or other drain it flows into the sanitary sewer system and flows all the way to the treatment plant were it is treated and turned back into clean water.
  • Outdoor water use and rain flows into catch basins and through the storm water pipe system which leads to holding ponds, lakes and streams.
  • The City currently has storm water reuse systems in place where water run off is harvested in holding ponds and pumped to irrigate common areas and fields around town.

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