Facility Use, Rental, & Applications

The City of Waconia offers numerous facilities and meeting rooms for community use. Facilities and rooms available include meeting rooms, ball fields, recreation spaces, and tennis courts to name a few. The city has established a facility rental system for reserving facilities and meeting rooms. Please see each department for contact and facility use information.

Meeting Rooms at City Hall

 Waconia City Hall, located at 201 South Vine Street, has meeting rooms available for community use. The city encourages and promotes the use of these meeting rooms by its residents, civic organizations and businesses. City meetings will be given first priority in reserving space.
  • Oak Conference room has seating for approximately 12 to 15 people. The rate is $20 per hour.
  • Maple Conference room can accommodate approximately 35 to 40 people. The rate is $20 per hour.
  • City Council Chambers has seating for approximately 60+ people. The rate is $30 per hour.
Access the rental form (PDF) for the rental application. Contact City Hall at 952-442-2184 for additional information. Forms can be faxed to 952-442-2135 or email Lacey Shaw.

Facility Rentals & Meeting Rooms at Safari Island

Safari Island Community Center, located at 1600 Community Drive, offers a variety of rental opportunities including: lap and leisure pools, a 4-court gymnasium, weight and cardio fitness, a 4 story play structure, and several multi-use rental rooms. The city encourages Safari Island rentals for all age groups, civic organizations, and businesses.
  • Lions Den meeting rooms 1, 2, and 3 can accommodate several group sizes and each rent for $15 / hour. Dens 1 and 2 rent for $25 / hour.
  • Gorilla Ridge basketball courts can host a multitude of activities including basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, baseball, and many others. These courts rent for $25 / hour.
  • Wildcat Bay lap pool lanes can be rented for $25 / hour.
Make sure to ask about overnight / after-hour lock-ins for your school groups and organizations!

For questions regarding rental fees, scheduling, and other concerns, please contact Amanda Johnson at 952-442-0691 or send her an email.

Parks & Recreation Facilities

The Parks and Recreation Department offers several rental venues for public use including: baseball / softball fields, City Square Park gazebo and pavilion, Cedar Point Park and tennis courts. For a complete listing of facilities, prices of private rentals, and other comments / concerns, please contact Ann Meyerhoff at 952-442-4121 or by email.