Utility Billing

The City of Waconia provides municipal water, wastewater, stormwater, and streetlight utility to residents of the city. Utility services are billed on a monthly basis.

Shut-Off Policy for Delinquent Utility Accounts
Water Ordinance 410 (PDF) Current ordinance as set by the City Council. Please review the ordinance for account requirements and shut-off policy.

Concerns About A Bill
If you are wondering why your bill is higher than usual, please consider the following items:
  • Is this the time of year for outside watering or sprinkling?
  • Is there a faucet leaking or dripping in your home?
  • Does the toilet fail to shut off after flushing?
  • Is the water softener functioning correctly?
All of these items may increase the amount of water you are using dramatically! Please watch for these items if your usage seems higher than usual.

Water Conservation
The City of Waconia has implemented the following water conservation measures:
  • Odd-Even Watering Day Restrictions. Under the odd-even system, residents and businesses with addresses ending in an odd number may water on odd numbered calendar days. Those with even-numbered addresses may water on even numbered calendar days. Odd-even watering will assist in maintaining appropriate water reserve levels and puts less “peak” demand on the water supply system.
  • Time of Day Restrictions. Watering is not permitted between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. This method limits water usage during dry periods and assists in maintaining appropriate water supply levels.
  • The City of Waconia allows the maximum outdoor usage of 30,000 gallons/month during the summer
    months. Usage outside of this restriction will be charged a higher 4th tier rate. 
You can save money on your monthly water bill by practicing water conservation! To learn more access the following resources: