Planning & Zoning Issues

  1. Code Requirements / Zoning Ordinance

    Read about particular code requirements and zoning ordinances common to the Planning and Zoning Department.

  2. Comprehensive Guide Plan

    The City of Waconia, like all municipalities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, is required by the Metropolitan Land Use Planning Act to prepare a Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Controls that are consistent with planned, orderly and staged development, Metropolitan System Plans and the regional blueprint.

  3. Electrical Work & Sump Pumps

    Locate information on the two topics of electrical work and sump pumps.

  4. Permits / Construction

    Read through some planning and zoning issues that pertain to building permits, general permits, and construction.

  5. Residential Rental Dwelling License

    To ensure safety of tenants, the city requires that all residential rental dwellings be properly inspected and licensed by the city prior to occupancy by tenants.

  6. Setbacks & Variances

    Learn more about setbacks and variances.