Public Safety

  1. Animal Control

    Learn about some general public safety information regarding local law enforcement, any emergency scenario, and animal control.

  2. Boating

    See public safety tips that pertain to boating.

  3. Building Inspections & Gopher State One Call

    View safety tips regarding building inspections as well as the importance of using the Gopher State One Call when necessary.

  4. Curfew, Neighborhood Watch, Weather Watch

    Find out how the city's curfew, neighborhood watch, and weather watch help in keeping the public's safety.

  5. Outdoor Barbecuing & Recreational Fires

    Many residents enjoy backyard campfires and barbecuing; learn how to take part in these activities safely.

  6. Parking Details & Regulations

    Access information pertaining to parking restrictions, winter parking, parking lot policies, violations, etc.

  7. Skateboards/Long Boards

    Rules about skateboards/long boards

  8. Snowmobiles

    Information about snowmobile use in the City Limits

  9. Solicitors / Peddlers / Transient Merchants

    Solicitation Permits are required for any person, organization, or corporation desiring to sell wares door to door or solicit donations within the city limits. Temporary business merchants must also obtain a permit.

  10. Outdoor Warning Sirens